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Project Description

Pilot Building for innovative Commissioning of the Building Technology

The Building Management System is the key for associated works for innovative and resource-conserving Building Technology. Due to its complexity and an insufficient Quality Management it cannot present its full potential in praxis, and even becomes an irritation due to malfunctions.

In project GA Spec & Check synavision GmbH develops together with TU Braunschweig and Westfälischen Hochschule a methodology for an effective Quality Management of Building Automation Installation Plants. On basis of so-called Active Functional Descriptions automation functions can be specified with simple description methods and can be automated controlled in operation for the first time.

The basics for the practicable application are developed in the project. The Software from synavision GmbH proves the methodology in six Pilot Buildings, among others in the Building of the Federal Bank in Bielefeld.

Project Bundesbank Bielefeld
Location Bielefeld