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Project Description

Perfect Building Performance right from the beginning

As part of the energetic renovation of Celler Badelands the existing Heating Control had been expanded by two CHP-plants (BHKW), which, however, if necessary, are supported by two Gas Heating Boilers. For the optimization of the operating periods of the CHP-plants a Buffer Storage System was additionally installed. By means of a Calorific Value Heat Exchanger the waste heat in the waste gas of the CHP-plants can additionally be used, whereby the efficiency of the whole plant can be still maximized once again.

Project Celler Badeland
Location Celle
    • Install a Test Bench
    • Monitoring the Ccommissioning
Building Equipment 2 CHP-Plants, 2 Peak Load Boilers, 2 Buffers with 57m³ each
Data Points 250
„It’s reassuring for us to know that the Lifecycle Prolongation of the whole plant as a result of the functional check could save a lot of money.“
Dipl.-Ing. (TU) Peter Goldammer, Manager, SWH Verwaltungs- und Betriebs-GmbH Hildesheim