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Project Description

Successful Renovation

Innovative technologies, optimal system solutions in an integral energy concept and an effective Quality Management right from the planning till operation – that was the aim of REHAU to achieve a consensus of those 3 eligibility criteria for the renovation of their Head Offices in South Eastern Europe in Vienna. In cooperation with the specialists of the Technische Universität Braunschweig the Building was put to the Digital Test Bench from synavision.

Project Renovation of the Head Offices South Eastern Europe
Location Vienna Guntramsdorf
  • Increase of COP data of thermal heat pumps (+ 30%)
  • Increase of COP data of Heat Exchanger (+25%)
  • Optimization of the thermal/cold distribution, of the Salt Circulating Pump’s Operation and the subsequent Regulation of the Ground Probe Fields
Building Equipment Thermal Heat Pumps, Ventilation installations, highly complex Automation systems and Training Rooms with Systems Engineering usable in different ways
Data Points 800
„Here we have more than 800 data points – the systematic check of the complex installations having been put to the test for Building Performance has accomplished transparency for all parties involved.“
Klaus Paul Koch, Technical Manager for Surface Heating/Surface Cooling, REHAU AG + Co