Schulzentrum Prag der Stadt Stuttgart2017-10-04T16:36:41+02:00

Project Description

School Centre Prague of City of Stuttgart being put to the Test Bench

During the period of 2010 to 2013 the „Schulzentrum Prag“ has been built-up and is one of the biggest new constructions of school buildings of state capital Stuttgart with a total investment amount of about M€ 62,5. Special attention has been focused on the construction of the sustainability of the building. The building got the award Gold from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für nachhaltiges Bauen (DGNB).

During the research project „Eneff:Schule – Externes Monitoring“ five monitoring systems have been tested by the Office of Environmental Protection. The Digital Test Bench from synavision investigates the connections/interfaces and operations within the Building Automation. By systematic and structured analysis of the operating data the synavision system could deduce further optimizations in the operational processes of the building automation and identify saving potentials. The proposed technically controlled optimizations enable an amortization of the costs for the test after about one year.

Project School Centre of Prague
Location City of Stuttgart
  • Predicted savings of T€ 14,1 / a by optimization of Control of Building Technology
  • Amortization in about 1 year
  • Installation of a Software based Technical Monitoring
Building Equipment District heating, compression chiller, Solarthermics and water heating, 8 RLT-installations (Ventilation) and single chamber controls
Data points 200

„The System of Company synavision enables to indicate complex operational procedures in the ICA-Technology and in the building process control technique, to optimize them as well as to reduce the energy losses and the cost.“