Strafjustizzentrum Muttenz / Criminal Justice Centre Muttenz2017-10-04T16:35:38+02:00

Project Description

Digital Functional and Efficiency Test of the Technical Building Equipment

The Strafjustizzentrum Muttenz has been put into operation in June 2014. The building is used by prosecution, the juvenile court and the execution of punitive measures. It is operated by the Super-Construction Office of Canton Basel-Landscape, which submitted the order to synavision to identify optimization potentials for the operation of heat generation and production by means of the Digital Test Bench. Especially the control of the solar thermal systems in combination with the heat pumps had priority in the analysis.

On basis of the hydraulic scheme, the functional description and the data of automation synavision could identify precise optimization potentials within 2 weeks, which can be realized just through the adjustment of the system control.

The amortization period for the Super-Construction Office results in less than 2 years due to our service

Project Criminal Justice Centre – Evaluation of the System Operating Quality and identification of optimization potentials of Building Management System
Location Muttenz, Switzerland
  • Optimization of Functional Description
  • Identification of too minor differences between supply and return temperatures in TABS
  • Optimization of solar thermical installations
  • Amortization period of about 2 years
Building Equipment Groundwater, Heat pumps, Solar thermal installation, 8 Heating Circuits
Data points 55
„We have put the Criminal Justice Centre to the Digital Test Bench to be on the safe side that our installations are operated optimally and their lifetime remain sustainable. The Digital Test Bench enabled us to gather valuable knowledge about the operation of the TABS and Solar system and infer specific actions for optimization. We gladly recommend the Digital Test Bench from synavision.“
Jean-Pierre Hueber, Project Manager Building Technology, Hochbauamt Kanton Basel-Landschaft