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Digital Technical Monitoring and Quality Checks of your Building Technology

Perfect functioning building technology and your automation by ICA (instrumentation, control and regulating technology MSR) are no longer a hydraulic but have become especially an electro and software technical challenge. The complexity has been increased considerably in such a way during the last years, so that the building technology has developed itself to a real „Blackbox“. Consequences are that the buildings very often remain on the same level but not achieve their aim of the planned energy consumption and the residents complaint despite utmost modern technology about bad room climate.

Company synavision offers with its innovative Software – the Digital Test Bench for Building Performance – a unique solution in order to control also complex building functions and offer, therefore, an efficient and sustainable Quality Management already during the planning stage.

Our assistance to you

  • Quality assurance of the design and construction documentation TGA (Building Services) as well as the compilation of an Active Function Description of the Building Automation

  • Functional Tests and Service Tests of the Building Automation in newly constructed buildings and in already established ones

  • Assistance to the Start-up Management of the Building Automation

  • Performance-Checks regarding certification according DGNB, LEEDBREEAM

  • Technical Monitoring of the Building Automation as per AMEV Recommendation for Quality Assurance

  • Corrosion Analysis and its Control

  • Analysis of Service level in the Technical Facility Management

  • Room comfort measurements by automated user questioning and mobile metrology

Make the Operating Quality of the Technical Building Equipment measurably.

With our Software especially developed for the check and surveillance of the Building Automation Functions, the Digital Test Bench for Building Performance, you can escape from the Blackbox „Modern Building Technology“ by a digitalized Quality Management right from the planning till the operation. Our projects certify the effectiveness of our procedure and the huge requirement at the optimization of the measurement, control and regulation technology in order to avoid unnecessary energy losses and a premature installation wear.

… digital, quick and scalable.

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Assure the preservation of worth of your hydraulic systems in your building and your productivity – by a continuous monitoring.

Especially modern buildings are susceptible to always increasing risks: precise adjustable valves and pumps with always decreasing gap measurements react considerably more sensible to corrosion products and accumulations of mud in the hydraulic systems. Moreover, innovative material can expedite corrosion and the increase of germs and mushrooms in the installations due to small quantities of penetrating oxygen and the output of organic substances. Despite the present guidelines for minimization of the corrosion risks it always happens that expensive damage cases occur which not only reduce considerably the economic efficiency and the usability of a building, but lead in the medium run to a shutdown. The losses running, consequently, into the millions.

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The Comfort Test Bench is the perfect measuring instrument for ambitious building owners and operators, who are looking for permanent satisfied residents and tenants. For that it is essential that your building performs an optimal service.

The Comfort Test Bench analyzes by a standardized and scientific certified procedure the sensed climate quality in your building, how it is conditioned and how you can optimize it. For that the Comfort Test Bench discloses a clear overview to you on the basis of the most important criteria for comfort – from the residents’ point of view.

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Your advantages applying the Digital Test Bench

New Constructed Buildings

  • Holistic quality assurance of the building technology right from the planning stage up to the operation.

  • Provable specification of automation functions enables a clear definition of the nominal values.

  • The transparent analysis of the installation operation during the start-up protects you against an acceptance of a faulty system and supports the constructor at the time of its start-up.

  • Web based Dashboards for the daily analysis of the installation operating quality enable a fast adjustment.

  • Avoidable additional energy losses and operating risks like increased wear are prevented as from the first operating minute.

Established Buildings

  • Nearly no expenses for you: For a function control of your building automation we only require the HVAC diagram or Screenshots of the BMS-diagrams as well as the measured data of your BMS file, e. g. as .CSV-file.

  • Prompt results: Within a few days we analyze the operating quality of your system and submit you precise recommendations for optimization.

  • Our service will usually pay off within 12 months due to the identified saving potential.

  • The actions can be realized easily via the automation and do not require generally any conversions or system modernizations.

  • Neither additional installation of metrology nor walkabouts are necessary.