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The Comfort Test Bench: How well are the climate conditions in your building?
Residents are your best measuring instruments

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Nowadays, people spend most of their life in buildings. Based on studies you can see the enormous profits companies have by improving the real occupational environment of their personnel.

Why Comfort Measurements?

The Comfort Test Bench is the perfect measuring instrument of ambitious building owners and operators looking for continuous satisfied residents and tenants. For that it is essential that your building always provides the optimal productivity.

The Comfort Test Bench evaluates by a standardized and scientific proved procedure the detected climate quality in the building, how it is conditioned and how you can optimize it. About those variables the Comfort Test Bench gives you a detailed overview considering the important criteria for comfort – from the residents’ point of view.

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Which Criteria Are Considered?

Execution & Results

Your Advantages by comparison

Komfort-Prüfstand Vergleichbare Dienstleistungen
Unabhängig von der Industrie
>80% der Komfort- und Produktivitätsuntersuchungen werden von Anlagenherstellern und Materiallieferanten gefördert
Echte Mitarbeiter
Umfragen mit Testpersonen, z.B. Studenten
Echte Arbeitsumgebung
Umfrage unter Test- oder Laborbedingungen
Messung des Komforts nur für # Minuten
Reale Büroaktivitäten
Umfrage zur Produktivität nur mit künstlichen Aufgaben: Texte tippen, mathematische Aufgaben lösen, etc.
Korrekturen für Gender, Alter, Auslastungslevel, …
Messungen nicht korrigiert

Convince yourself, too of the Comfort Test Bench’s Productivity in your Building. Allow us to inform you!

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