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The Building System Management must be checked regularly, in order to maintain its efficiency factor.

Modern Building Management System is the key role in order to reduce the power consumption of buildings. Due to the fact that systems which continuously become complex and to the challenges on site the building technology achieves rarely its complete potential from the very start of its operation. Beyond the lifecycle of the systems the energy consumption increases continuously due to the residents as well as due to wear or quality defaults of the systems.

Building owners, operators and planners are confronted with a continuous increasing lack of knowledge between planning and operation, which should to be compromised. Study results show that just a check and an optimization of new and existing plants would enable lower energy costs up to 30% – without considering shortages of the plant lifetime. Until today, structured and systematic checks involve long periods and high investments, so that only a fraction of the plants has been test proved yet in Germany.

Service Checks: Digital Functional & Efficacy Test of your Building Management System

Show the Operational Quality of Technical Building Equipment in Measured Data.

The Black Box “Modern Building Technology” can be updated by a Digital Quality Management from planning till operation with our Software, especially developed for the check and control of Building Management System functions, viz. Digital Test Bench for Building Performance. Our projects give you a proof of the efficiency of our procedure and the extensive requirement for the optimization of the ICA in order to prevent unnecessary energy losses and a pre-matured plant wear.

… digital, fast and scalable.

Energieeffizienz Darstellung

The Digital Test Bench saves time & money: Payback-Periods on an average of less than a year

With Payback-Periods of < 12 months synavision offers one of the most attractive investment possibilities covering the energy efficiency for buildings

For comparison, Payback-Periods of:

  • Thermal Insulation ~ 14 years
  • PV (Photovoltaics)~ 8-10 years
  • LED (Light Emitting Diode) ~ 4 years

3 Steps for a Check & Optimization of your Building Facilities Engineering in less than 4 weeks – It’s that simple!

Please inform yourself even today and put your Building to the Digital Test Bench for Perfect Building Performance

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