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Why Corrosion Monitoring?

Ensure the lifetime – and so the worth – of your hydraulic systems of the Building and your productivity by continuous monitoring.

Hydraulic systems are conveying channels in buildings. Rooms are heated and cooled via hot and cold water pipes. Their function and productivity are endangered by an invisible corrosion phenomenon.

Especially modern buildings are susceptible to ever increasing risks: Fine adjustable valves and pumps with always decreased gap measurements react more sensitive to corrosion products and accumulations of mud in the hydraulic systems. Moreover, new materials can encourage corrosion as well as germs and harmful fungi in the installations, even by penetrating of small oxygen quantities and by emitting of volatiles. Despite applied regulations for risk minimization of corrosion many expensive damage events happens, which extremely restrain the economy and usability of a building, right up to the complete breakdown in the medium run. Consequences are usually damages into the millions.

Simply keep in sight the Building Performance: Detect and control Corrosion efficiently

Reference Projects


Haus 2019 des Bundesumweltamtes, Marienfelde


Emporio, Hamburg


Akzo Nobel, Amsterdam


Leuphana, Lüneburg

Your Advantages

Please act immediately before it is too late! In case of detections at an early stage simple measures are often enough, like water treatment, in order to stem corrosion processes.

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