Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best Point of Time for a Test?2017-09-20T16:05:19+02:00

It would be the best to collaborate with us right from your planning stage. Together with your Technical Building Equipment planner (TGA) we work out an auditable functional description. In this way, you can put your building right from the commissioning to the synavision’s Digital Test Bench. In close cooperation with your Technical Building Equipment planner we can so itemized identify the optimization potentials of your Building Technology and you save money as from the first operating minute, viz. the initial start-up. Moreover, you receive the Quality Seal from synavision and have the assurance that your Facilities Engineering functions perfectly.

How comprehensive is the possible Optimizing Potential of the Building Technology on Average? How long does it take until an Investment in the Digital Test Bench from synavision pays off?2017-09-20T16:04:08+02:00

Our experience shows that due to the functional check from synavision 30 % lower operating cost on average can be realized – in some cases significantly more. With a high degree of certainty there are possible at least approx. 10% lower operating cost. Usually, the functional check pays off already after one year.

Does synavision optimize the Building Management System by exchange of existing installations?2017-09-20T16:02:05+02:00

Not at all! The Digital Test Bench from synavision evaluates objectively your existing facilities and concentrates itself on the optimization of your existing installations. Our aim is to assist you in the most possible economic way in optimizing your facilities – without additional investments in the metrology or in different Hardware. This distinguishes us from others and ensures you maximum objectivity during the functional check of your Building Technology.

What is the additional benefit of the Digital Test Bench from synavision in comparison to the Building Management System? What is the Difference in contrast to the Energy Monitoring and Energy Auditing?2017-09-20T15:59:57+02:00

Building Management System is the key to our success and not at all substitutive, as it simply makes data available which we need. It allows a simple regulation of the Building Management System and the Error Evaluation Remote Control. The Digital Test Bench from synavision identifies, however, precise potentials, which the Building Management System does not signalize, as it operates with comparables and not with set values. The Energy Monitoring as well is not comparable with synavision’s performance. It only describes where and how much energy is consumed in the building and classifies these data in a rubric (black box). For your knowledge you simply get the information, whether your building adheres to the legal maximum limit. But you do not get an evaluation of the System Functioning Mode and whether you might exploit possible significant optimization potentials by a function test.

Why should I ever let test my Building Technology?2017-09-20T15:45:16+02:00

Perfect Building Performance is the efficient synergy of sensible systems for us. During the last 10 years the complexity of Building Technology increases in such a strong way, so that the real capacity of the installations is only rarely exploited. At the same time even smallest errors in the calibration of the system and the appearance of wear effects or quality defects can entail serious consequences which manifest themselves by additional cost of up to 30% contrary to the planning and the debit of the building’s residents. During a Test you discover that in due course and ensure a most possible long and sustainable plant lifetime.

How much does a Functional Test of the Building Technology cost by synavision?2017-09-25T15:56:53+02:00

The charges of a Functional Test are highly dependent on the complex dimensioning of the Building Technology and how many Data Points should be analyzed. In principle, the customer can so meet the price to his requirements. For a building with energy costs of approx. T€ 100 / a a synavision Digital Test Bench costs T€ 4-5. For an extremely expensive and energy intensive building a test by synavision costs up to T€ 20. Usually, a test amortizes already after one year.

On basis of a Hydraulic Scheme we can submit you a precise offer according to your requirements.

What do I get from synavision, if I let them make a Test of my Building Technology Functioning?2017-09-20T15:40:55+02:00

You’ll receive a professional function description for your installations provided it is not presented and a detailed Digital Test Bench Report covering your installations. This Digital Test Bench Report comprises a detailed analysis of the identified potentials including a calculation of the economic potential and precise optimization remarks.

What exactly is the meaning of Building Technology? Which Installations focuses the synavision Functional Check?2017-09-20T15:38:41+02:00

The Digital Test Bench from synavision concentrates itself on the functional check of heating, climate and ventilation installations. Load Profile Analysis covering the consumption of gas, electric and thermal energy and metrological checks of the room climate condition as well as corrosion analysis complete the Performance Spectrum of the Digital Test Bench.

Which thermal / electric capacity makes sense to put my building technology to the Test Bench from synavision?2017-09-20T15:37:44+02:00

The minimum heating capacity should be approx. 150 kW. This corresponds to about 50-100 W/m² net floor area or to minimum energy costs of about T€ 100 /a and you can assume, that due to the Digital Test Bench a significant optimization and, therefore, an economic potential can be identified and you can expect a short time-to-value.

Which Documents and which Data are necessary for synavision for a Check of my Building Technology?2017-09-25T15:55:27+02:00

The Basis for the Test Bench is the hydraulic scheme of the building which enables to determine to the Test Bench the functional mode of the plant by our Building Engineers. In order to achieve a good test the following data of the Building Management System should be presented:

  • the temperatures of the systems (supply and return temperature)
  • boiler temperatures
  • air temperatures of ventilation (here the temperatures should be recorded before and after the control devices)
  • the conditions of the heat production devices and the aggregates: Pumps, Flaps, Valves, as far as they are automatically controlled.