Your Digital Test Bench in the synavision Cloud

The Digital Test Bench is an innovative Cloud-Computing-Software and offers contrary to the customary Software Systems numerous advantages. On development of the Software we had the vision, to be faster, more efficient and solution-focused than our competitors. We are convinced that we were succeeded in doing it!

  • Prompt access due to immediate availability

  • High performance in the application

  • The Test Bench increases upon your requirements

  • No investments in hardware necessary

Active Functional Description

Structured Planning

You define with the Active Functional Description the nominal condition of building and automatic functions. Please define the necessary operating conditions and attribute them with operational rules, characteristic lines, schedules and numerous further specification elements.

The functional description is the basis for an automated test of the operational quality. At the same time a nominal-actual comparison takes place between the functional description and the measured data of the Building Operating Systems.

Big Data Management

Administration of Big Data

The measured data of the building operating systems can be transmitted into the Digital Test Bench by a configurable import. In most of the buildings a respective data logger has been provided for this procedure. If you have questions regarding the interface to the Digital Test Bench, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

With the Digital Test Bench you can also administrate efficiently comprehensive archives of measured data. For the interface of external Tools all data points can be exported as CSV-File at one click. The import and export of the data can also be automated user-defined.

Automated Analysis

Digitization of Know-How

If you have specified the nominal condition of the building and system functions, the Digital Test Bench checks with its innovative algorithmics in an automated way the performance. For that you are only in need of the measured data of the Building Operation System.

By means of the nominal-actual comparisons you have a continuous overview about the system functions at any time. The analysis’ level of detail and the presentation of the results are regulated by you. By digital recording the analysis can be pursued without expenditure, so that the quality and efficiency of the operating functions are ensured sustainably.


Efficient Reusability

Digitize your knowledge and make it usable with one Click only for the next project. By importing and exporting of your digital functional descriptions the experienced Know-How will be an efficient part contributed in your further projects.

We have already prepared some contents for you and place them with pleasure at your disposal in our Template-Library. In order to facilitate your daily business, we also establish with pleasure individual contents for you and assist you in training courses. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding this subject.


Maintain your Overview

The Digital Test Bench disposes of numerous functions for communication with your project partners. Visualise the measured data or analysis results as diagrams, embed them by Drag & Drop in Web-Sites or reporting documents. You also can establish complete Project-Dashboards and invite your project partner to this “Meeting” or custom check lists, in order to simplify the project communication or the execution of the optimization measures.

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