Buildings of Good Performance – That excites us!

Being Engineers, Computer Scientists and Architects we know each other on the building site and in the Building Services Engineering. As specialists for Building Performance we want to make the quality of the Building Services Engineering transparent, plannable and testable. As a well-practised Team we contribute our long-term experience and innovative methods to the subjects of construction business and Software Engineering. So we use the possibilities and advantages of Digitalization, in order to offer faster and more efficient Planning, Advising and Engineering Services to the customers.

Our target is to enable lower operating costs and an optimal room climate right from the start-up of the building. The statement so to say, that Building Technology “regulates itself” for the first over a period of 1-3 years is not acceptable for us. Now it is possible for us to offer with our Digital Test Bench and the innovative Specification Concept of Automatic Operations also on the construction site that, what had already been established in Industry: Efficient Quality Management. Before the Site-Acceptance-Test we guarantee an optimal functioning of the Building Management System through the automated analysis of operating data and that it has been executed in accordance to the planning. This gives the assurance to the owners among our customers, to possess an energy-efficient building, which is free from operational risks, which would have caused to pre-matured installation attritions. So the lifetime-worth of their properties remain as long as possible. Engineers and Planning Experts among our customers get the assurance, to supply proved quality. That excites you – and, of course, us.

> 100 Buildings test-proved
> 1.500 optimized installations
100% Customer Satisfaction

Our Vision: Perfect Building Performance

In Germany there are nearly 1.8 Mio non-residential buildings. Their technical concepts have become more and more sophisticated during the last years. Up to now, the steps to gain control the complexity of the Building Technology of these office buildings, water parks or university buildings are halfhearted, time-consuming and cost-intensive. And optimization attempts are not always crowned with success.

Our vision is the perfect Performance of Buildings. I. e., Building Services Engineering with a synchronized functioning works efficiently and properly to the application in question. The way up to that time should be easy, fast and transparent for all parties involved. The high complexity of modern buildings should be controlled by means of less, easy readable diagrams. And that from the very first day of commissioning as well as in completion. It is nearly done for our part.
As of 2000 we have been aware: It really functions! Building Performance which functions as it should be. In highly innovative buildings for search we could found with scientific methods, that just innovative buildings and installations must be optimally adjusted and operated. But it looked different in reality. Nearly none of the inspected office buildings functioned in praxis as they should be. And it became still worse: Very often nobody knew exactly how the inspected buildings should function. It isn’t true we thought. So many malfunctioning buildings, considering the high investments and the significant additional building costs? But in deed, it was so: Bad building performance happened regularly! That was something to be changed from our side and our aim was from that time onwards: Perfect Building Performance. But not only for some few buildings with unpayable scientific analysis. We wanted perfect Performance for all Buildings. And for that aim we were in need of new solutions.
We found it in synergy with colleagues of the Software Engineering workspace. Quite exactly as the buildings, also the Software is developed as a unique project. And as well as for buildings many persons are involved, the requirements change frequently and the system becomes quickly very complex. However, Software has one advantage: It is already digitally, whereby boilers, pumps and valves are still Hardware. But that difference was the key: Meanwhile, all these components are controlled by BMS-systems, i. e. Software. And this supplies continuously data about the functioning of the components.
We developed a Test Bench for buildings with which we can specify and check the quality of the building performance on basis of generated automation data from the building services engineering. For that we have – for the very first time – transmitted high innovative modelling methods of the Software Engineering to buildings and to their installations, so that, nowadays, we can check building performance with a higher preciseness, in a shorter period and at more reduced cost.
This is the key for really sustainable and economical buildings. Now we are in the position to change the building landscape. The Software can be launched. The Digital Test Bench of the Building Performance functions. The membership of our Team increases steadily. The reference projects have been running successfully. 1.8 Mio. buildings are waiting to be put to the Digital Test Bench. We realize our vision: Perfect Building Performance!

Building Performance is Teamwork

synavision is a Team consisting of Engineers, Software-Engineers and Architects. We are tackling practitioners and analytic experienced scientists. We are at home in the subject of Building Management System: from the planning over the commissioning up to the operation. We act from conviction and do everything for the Vision of a Perfect Building Performance – for Buildings, which really function.


Dr.-Ing. Stefan Plesser

Building Services & Strategy
  • 15 years R&D Research and Development in the subjects Building Performance and Quality Management
  • Promotion to QM for Building Management System

Dr. Claas Pinkernell

Product Development & IT
  • More than 10 years’ experience in Software Engineering
  • Development and Implementation of the methodology in context of his promotion at the RWTH, Aix-la-Chapelle

Stefan Hindrichs, M.Sc.

Sales, Distribution & Marketing
  • Four years’ experience as Project Manager in Participations of the Droege Group
  • Master in Business Admin. from the ESCP Europe & EBS Oestrich-Winkel