Locking Technology

The systems under control at all times

A wide variety of devices with different data structures and formats can be easily recorded and monitored on our IoT platform. This also includes modern locking systems to enable predictive maintenance.

The networking of doors and windows also plays an increasingly important role for efficient building management in smart buildings and provides a large amount of data. The synavision platform is able to record these and offers users the possibility to also monitor the optimal function of these components in order to identify excessive stress early and to trigger predictive maintenance.

With our 360-degree monitoring for locking systems, you always have your buildings in view. The locking system tests must be carried out before the first start-up, at least once a year and as required. In addition to the test, regular maintenance of power-operated doors must be carried out so that the doors are considered to be serviced. Our system gives you information on the one hand about the different consumption of the locking system and on the other hand about the times when maintenance is due.