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The digital test bench

The heart of synavision is the software platform “digital test bench”. By using the potential of artificial intelligence, the synavision software continuously and in real time provides a complete overview of the operating efficiency of the entire automation functions of the building technology and precisely and clearly identifies the existing optimization potential in the control and regulation of your systems.

Thanks to the flexible sandbox principle of our software and tailor-made, adaptive system templates, you can use the digital test bench to create a very individual digital twin of your building technology with just a few clicks and monitor in real time whether your building is running as it should. And you only pay as much as you have to. This means that you can always get the best possible building performance out of your smart building

The digital test bench is the first cloud-computing based software for planning, commissioning and technical monitoring for holistic and sustainable quality management of building automation. By implementing high-performance big data processes, the digital test bench is able to efficiently analyze even the largest amounts of data. Our scalable approach to automated function testing ensures that you always have an overview, even in complex project situations. By digitizing your expert knowledge, you will accompany us on the way to achieving our vision: perfect building performance.

Use our software for your projects now!

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Technisches Monitoring mit der IoT-Plattform Digitaler Prüfstand

Your benefits at a glance

With our adaptable system templates, you increase your efficiency by up to 80 percent when specifying and testing complex building technology.

Automated function and performance analyzes of large amounts of data from complex automation systems.

Differentiate yourself from your competition with a unique quality management system for the implementation of planning and accelerated adjustment!

Expand your service portfolio with technical monitoring and systematic commissioning

(bes. Leistungen | COPILOT, DGNB, LEED, BNB, eu.bac, VDI 6041, VDI 6039, ISO 50001, uvm.)


With the unique specification concept of the digital test bench, you create digital functional descriptions of the automation functions of your building. With just a few clicks, you can describe your personal operational goals transparently and precisely, regardless of whether it is a new or existing building. In this way, you create your very own digital twin of your building for efficient quality assurance of the operational efficiency of your building.

Use our preconfigured system templates for a quick introduction to the use of the digital test bench and gradually develop your own system library!

Function and performance testing of complex building automation is automated at the push of a button and you define contractually secure service levels for the operation of your building technology!

Use the digital test bench to configure your own personal reporting concept as a word or pdf file. Or visualize the measurement data or analyze results as diagrams and embed them in websites or report documents with simple drag & drop. The creation of entire project dashboards is easy. Invite your project partners to do so, or create custom checklists to simplify project communication.

The dashboards can be expanded as required and are absolutely scalable. With the digital test bench, you can monitor not just individual systems, but entire properties. You can see the operational quality of all your buildings at a glance – a level of efficiency and transparency that has never been seen before.

Navigate with just 3 clicks from the property to a specific function of a single system that no longer achieves your operational goals and initiate the right measure quickly and precisely. So you always have your building under control.

The “digital test bench” is a secure cloud service and organizes high-performance data storage of sensor and actuator data. There are no limits to the connectivity of our software. Regardless of whether it is data from the fire alarm system or from locking systems, thanks to the configurable sandbox principle, any form of data can be processed on our platform.

With our intelligent plugins, new data formats can be integrated in less than two hours. You can also centrally manage and intelligently analyze data sources such as weather data, conveyor technology and any other form of data on our platform.

The operating data of the building automation can be transferred to the “digital test bench” using a configurable import tool. A corresponding data logger is already provided for this in most buildings. The “digital test bench” has a plug-in concept that takes your individual formats into account. The import and export of your data can be automated in a user-defined manner..

Digitize your knowledge and make it usable for the next project with a single click. We have prepared some templates for you and make them available to you in our template library. We are happy to take over the creation of your individual test concepts, which is made possible by our innovative sandbox concept.

Skills are smart algorithms and functions that add new features to the digital test bench. Simply configure your own algorithms for intelligent and convenient data processing. Use preconfigured skills such as counter correction, degree day calculation and k-means with the digital test bench.

The digital test bench offers you a wide range of options to serve multiple and different users with the right content. On the one hand, you can decide individually who has access to which building by creating different workspaces. You can also use the configurable dashboards to decide who receives certain information and who has access to the specifications of your digital twin.

A special highlight is the possibility that, for example, you can invite your customers and builders to the work area of ​​your building even without a license. In this way you can collaborate digitally and discuss and decide together on important specifications of the building operation.

Create your individual alerting concept with just a few clicks. Set limit values even for processed data such as the operational quality of a specific system function or virtual data points that are particularly important to you. In addition to building management systems, you can configure additional alarms yourself with little effort and react immediately.

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With the help of the templates you can fall back on ready-made expert knowledge and benefit from standardized test concepts.

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With the skills function, you can expand the basic functionality of the digital test bench with numerous analysis options and AI.

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In our interface library you will find plugins for connecting external platforms and data formats from our system partners.

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