Your investment will have amortized within a year!

How it works

Perfect building performance in just three steps!

Digital Twin

Together with you we define all relevant measuring points of your smart building. The operating goals are precisely defined in the form of a digital twin. For this synavision offers standardized templates for the “digital test bench”, which guarantee comfortable and fast processing with the software. Users can supplement these individually with their own planning concepts and thus also digitize their technical know-how.



All the previously defined measuring points are recorded a second later by the “digital test bench”. The operating data of the building automation system are now checked for accordance with the digital twin. Naturally, there are always deviations. The optimization potential is reported directly to the users of the software.


Optimisation & Monitoring

Expert evaluations from synavision provide detailed lists of recommendations for efficiency gains to the responsible facility managers. This provides the in-house experts with enormous support in the management of technical systems in building management.

Our software is ISO 50001 certified, which specifies the requirements for companies to introduce, implement and improve energy management. In addition to energy savings, improvements in climate comfort and avoidance of operational risks such as system wear are also in our scope.

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Once the quality loop of digital twin and data has been set up, it can be used continuously to monitor normal operation. The digital quality management of your smart building has become reality. Experience has shown that up to 30 percent of the operating costs are saved on this basis each year. Your investment paid for itself within one year.


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