The Comfort-Test-Bench

How comfortable is the climate in your Building?

Smart-Buildings are designed to guarantee the maximum comfort to residents and tenants. It is certain that companies could achieve significant productivity gains by improving the actual working environment of their personnel. Therefore, it is essential that modern buildings continuously function at their optimum efficiency and deliver reliably the climate and comfort that users need. Important factors that drive the perceived comfort are light, acoustics, air quality, office environment, thermal comfort and the feeling of having control over these parameters to a certain extent.

Yes, Comfort-measurements – but why?

Get the positive effect of the “Comfort Test Bench” for your building and its users!

We offer the perfect measuring instrument for ambitious building owners and operators who are looking for satisfied and productive residents and tenants. To ensure this it is necessary that your technical building equipment functions properly.
Our „Comfort Test Bench“ evaluates through a modern scientific methodology the perceived climate quality in buildings, how it is conditioned and how you can improve it. The „Comfort Test Bench“ gives you an holistic overview of the degree of omfort your building provides – from the residents‘ point of view.

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The Test Criteria


46 minutes more qquality sleep per night thanks to working places with much daylight.

A good illumination is the key for the satisfaction of the residents. Experts agree that daylight and a panoramic view close to nature influences positively the productivity and the well-being.


On average 24 more productive working days per employee and year thanks to improved acoustics and less noise.

Insufficient acoustics is one of the main reasons of defects in an office context. Disturbing noises could be the reason for reduced productivity long after their disappearance. Relevant parameters for the measurement of good acoustics are: speech intelligibility, sound insulation and the arrangement of the internal noise development.

Air Quality

Up to 10% more productivity through good air quality.

A good air quality has a direct impact on health and psyche. This is influenced by proper supply of fresh air, purification of impured air and the reduction of pollutants.
A bad atmosphere is hardly visible to the naked eye. But nevertheless, the air quality has a great influence on health and productivity of building users. Reasons for that are insufficient ventilation and the evaporation of the volatile organics. (VOC-emissions) from, for example, furniture, floors, cleaning agents and construction materials.

Office Environment

A manifold working place typology supports the productivity.

A manifold working place typology supports the productivity.
The office environment influences significantly the concentration, co-operation, confidence and creativity of the building users. Decisive parameters for that are furniture, working place typology and customization possibilities.
The office equipment has a direct effect on health, mentally and physically, and the cognitive capacities of employees. The consideration of those properties of office design can contribute substantially to drive motivation and success of building users. A working environment which offers optimal conditions for employees and supports an internal feeling of cohesion can reduce illness absences, increase the productivity and consequently take care of higher returns.

Thermal Comfort

Ideal productivity can be achieved between 20⁰C and 25⁰C.

Thermal comfort is very important for the health of human-beings. Parameters for that are air temperature, radiation temperature, air humidity, air movement, clothes and the activity level.
Many studies have shown, that the perceived thermal comfort has a very important influence on the satisfaction at the working place and the productivity. The avoidance of inconvenient high and low temperatures can increase enormously the productivity.

Individual Control

Personalisation possibilities give a feeling of control to the residents.

Human-beings wish to have the feeling to keep the control about their working situation. This can be make possible in adjusting the temperature, having the possibility to open the windows, in controlling the illumination level, using flexible furniture.

Studies prove the positive influence of personal control on the productivity, motivation, group cohesiveness and working satisfaction.

Performance & Conclusions

Eingabemaske für die Messung von Raumkomfort

Interview of Residents

To get information about the actual comfort satisfaction of the residents of your building, we have develop an online enquiry. Lacks of definition during the questioning due to social or stress-induced factors will be corrected and kept as less as possible by standardisation. The interviewees invest for that maximum 15 minutes of their precious time.

Ergebnisdarstellung der Abfrage des Raumkomforts als Liniendiagramm


What is the feedback for them? A better working environment which will give them the possibility to make the best of their talents and abilities. An average response-rate of more than 60 % underlines the importance of this evaluation for the residents. The enquiry is, of course, completely anonym and the kind of processing data guarantees a 100% confidence.

Ergebnisdarstellung der Abfrage des Raumkomforts als Balkendiagramm


The Team of synavision supports you during the whole process: as from the preparation up to the discussion of the solutions to increase the efficiency. So we guarantee you the best possible result. So you receive a significant report to the climate quality of your buildings. Thanks to the calculation of profitability of precise optimization potentials you can define so the right measures.