With us, teams can achieve better buildings faster through digital quality assurance.

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From cost savings to CO2 reduction

The software platform “digital test bench” supports in many ways. From automation installers to project controllers, we offer various advantages. The “digital test bench” is an innovative cloud computing software and offers numerous advantages over conventional software systems. When developing the software, we made sure to be faster, more efficient and more solution-oriented than the competition. This is us
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As a synavision software partner, you can use the “digital test bench” to control the building automation programming immediately and without additional effort to see whether the systems are behaving as desired and achieving their operational goals. In this way you reach your goal faster and can show your customers transparently and without additional effort that the building technology is working as planned. This avoids lengthy discussions about the causes of deviations from the plan and reduces costs in after-sales. You can also automatically offer your customers the COPILOT certificate and have the operational quality of the building certified.

Use technical monitoring to ensure the satisfaction of tenants and users through a better room climate and lower ancillary costs. Transparent and comprehensible evidence of successful plant operation creates trust and reduces complaints. Avoid unnecessary stress when managing complex buildings through high system availability and reliability in operation.
The automatic analysis of the digital test bench saves you an enormous amount of time when analyzing the system operation and allows you to act – before the users notice it.
On the basis of the synavision KPI “Operational Quality”, you can now for the first time also agree service level agreements for the operation of your systems. So make sure you get the service you paid for.

Become a synavision software partner and expand your portfolio with technical monitoring in accordance with AMEV recommendation 135. You can also benefit from the unique specification and testing function of the digital twin in other service categories such as LEED or DGNB. In this way, you can become the quality partner for your clients and ensure the long-term success of your customers. The high level of transparency enables you to create solutions for your customers and ensure that your buildings work as planned.

Are you planning to build a smart building? Then you are on the safe side with the “digital test bench”. We exclusively offer technical monitoring as professional quality management. Right from the start, it defines and ensures that your goals are achieved. In addition to saving time and avoiding defects, our services usually pay for themselves after just a few months through energy savings alone.

Responsible facility managers of Smart Buildings are supported by us in the ongoing operation of the building and are digitally enabled to monitor complex building automation much easier. You will continuously receive up-to-date data on the technical systems during operation, deviations from the planned values and recommendations for efficiency savings. The use of the “digital test bench” enables facility managers to guarantee optimum comfort for users on the one hand and to keep the expenditure for the smart building to an efficient minimum on the other.

Our software supports project managers in the planning, implementation and control of smart buildings with our monitoring tool “digital test bench”. This means that you can call up and control the functionality and consumption of all technical systems in construction at any time. In this way, project managers ensure that clients receive the quality that was agreed upon from the start and long after the construction project is completed.