Corrosion Monitoring

Digital monitoring creates security against the invisible threat of corrosion

Hydraulic systems are the supply lines in the buildings. Rooms are heated and cooled via hot and cold water pipes. In modern buildings, these increasingly complex systems are exposed to ever greater risks: corrosion can impair the function of the systems and in the medium term lead to severe restrictions in building performance up to total failure..

Why Corrosion Monitoring?

Ensure the value retention of your hydraulic systems in the building and their efficiency – through continuous monitoring.

Energy and quality management (EQM) plays an increasingly important role in the planning, construction and operation of buildings. This also affects the corrosion of hydraulic systems: finely adjustable valves and pumps with ever smaller gaps are much more sensitive to corrosion products and silting in the hydraulic systems. In addition, new materials can promote corrosion and the growth of bacteria and fungi in the systems through small amounts of penetrating oxygen and the release of organic substances. Unnoticed, after a relatively short period of time, there are losses in efficiency and operational disruptions, which can result in expensive revisions and loss of rent.

Thanks to the potential of artificial intelligence, synavision software can automatically identify and stop corrosion processes at an early stage – before it is too late.

3 Steps to the Digital Operating Principle Control


Condition Analysis & Service

Quick check of the condition and checking of the hydraulic systems for corrosion risks is carried out without much effort by water samples. These are examined for chemical parameters relevant to corrosion. On this basis, we evaluate the corrosion-chemical condition of the heating or cooling system and we advise you on determining the condition of the system, preventing corrosion and repairing damage.


Data collection

With the FeQuan sensor specially developed for the identification of corrosion processes, continuous monitoring of corrosion-relevant parameters of the hydraulic systems can be made possible. This is installed in the bypass at as central a location as possible and thus provides valuable measurement values ​​for monitoring directly from the system. Data can be easily transferred over the Internet or via a GSM modem

Technisches Monitoring mit synavision-Software Digitaler Prüfstand


The data recorded with the FeQuan sensor is graphically processed and displayed and evaluated with the digital test bench. In addition to the basic parameters (e.g. oxygen content and pH value), the content of corrosion products and the corrosion rate are calculated and displayed. Corrosion processes are hereby recognized before damage occurs. If limit values are exceeded, an automatic notification is given.
Dashboard Leuphana University

With early identification, simple measures are often sufficient to contain corrosion processes. Get your corrosion quick check now!!