Fire Safety Test

Also in case of fire masterfully.

In Smart Buildings human beings must be evacuated as fast as possible. Moreover, the valuable assets should withstand the fire case as good as possible. Fire alarm systems and an intelligent fire protection concept take care that human beings will be evacuated safely thanks to using targeted control of smoke extraction systems, heat escape units and fire extinguishing units as well as locking systems. It is crucial, that these systems will function properly in case of fire. The check of this whole equipment is one of the most important obligations for the operator. Our Software enables you to carry out that test rapidly and simply based on data. Forget expensive and staff-intensive checks which are really things of the past.

Basis for these reality checks with our Software is the definition of the required actions of all active safety components in case of fire on basis of the fire safety concept. Usually, a fire case control die is applied for this execution. The generation of a Digital Twin of the fire case control matrices enables us to control automatically the interaction between the different units and the fire alarm system and so, identify simply and precisely the malfunctions.

The continuous verification of proper functioning in case of fire is an essential obligation of the operator. By applying our Software it is now possible with significantly less time and costs to ensure the security of the building residents – when it matters.

Digital Functioning Check of the Fire Case Control Matrix

The repeated checking of the operability of fire safety systems according to the fire case control matrix is a high effort for everyone involved. It is a considerable challenge to document all things happened – replicable, completely and across the trades – in case of a fire. Whereas a whole check-up of the modern buildings due to their complexity is no longer possible. Not only from the economic point of view, because a significant number of persons is required, in order to confirm the required reaction of the components, but also due to the fact, that these components are located in places which are hard-to-reach or even inaccessible.

The increasing digitalization of buildings offers for the very first time the chance to carry out that expensive process now based on data – with the Digital Test Bench from synavision.

3 Steps for a digital test of fire protection systems


Dank des einzigartigen Sandbox-Prinzips des Digitalen Prüfstands, ist es uns möglich Ihre Brandfallsteuermatrix prüffähig zu spezifizieren, um eine automatische Massendatenanalyse zu ermöglichen.


Die Betriebsdaten brandschutzrelevanter Anlagen wie Lüftungs- und Entrauchungsanlagen, Feuerschutzabschlüssen und Feuerlöschanlagen, die über die Gebäudeautomation mit der zentralen Brandmeldeanlage verbunden sind, werden in Echtzeit in den Digitalen Prüfstand importiert und ausgewertet.


In Ihrem individuellen Dashboard werden Ihnen automatisch Abweichungen von der digital hinterlegten Brandfallsteuermatrix automatisch und präzise angezeigt – schnell, einfach und wirtschaftlich. So gehört die manuelle Wirkprinzip-Prüfung der Vergangenheit an und Sie haben die Sicherheit, dass Sie im Brandfall bestens vorbereitet sind.

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