Energy Management

Save CO2 – fast an easy!

Through permanent Monitoring of the operation of the technical equipment in your building our energy management certified software immediately detects deviations between the expected values and the actual consumption. We provide an analysis of the deviations as well as recommendations in due course to our contact person in your company. By adjusting the operational parameters swiftly when necessary enables you to achieve perfect building performance through efficient energy management.

This is especially important as each saved kilowatt hour reduces our CO2-emissions and thus protects our environment. Roughly estimated, the „Digital Test Bench“ reduces the CO2– emissions by 500 grams per saved kilowatt hour. In combination with the chances of AI (Artificial Intelligence) of our Software tons of CO2-emission can be avoided. Only for example in Germany, where up to 22 billion Euros per year can be saved in the building sector through efficiency increases.

ISO 50001 certified Energy Management Software with automatic Quality Control Circuit

Output of Values

The „Digital Test Bench“ offers a number of possibilities to perform statistical and numeric operations. Beside the features and functions required as per ISO 50001 like sum, mean values and maximum values it is also possible to operate statistic evaluations by means of medians, standard deviations and variance. The time periods for of data evaluation is configurable freely. Invalid values can be identified automatically by the „Digital Test Bench“, and are visible to you. So our Software is an efficient calculation tool in order to process data and draw conclusions as to the operation of your building technology.
Decisive for a successful data evaluation is the formation of Key Performance Indicators (KPI). The „Digital Test Bench” gives you the complete flexibility, to define those even on data points. So you can evaluate for example for real estates or investments energy consumptions on the basis of individual load profiles.

Simple Definition of Operational Rules

With the „Digital Test Bench“ you take the decisive step forward, in order to ensure the optimal operation of your building technology. While typical Energy Management Software is restricted to the visualisation of readings of a meter, the „Digital Test Bench“ processes all sensors and actuators of a building and evaluates automatically the recorded data to provide you with actual information and not only data. Thanks to the innovative specification conception „Active Functional Description“ you can establish in the shortest time a functional model of your building technology in terms of the automation functions and so identify precisely without any further analysis the optimisation potential of your building. This allows you to reduce sustainably your energy costs, improve your indoor climate proactively and avoid operational risks like plant wear or even shutdowns!

With our innovative Sandbox-Principle you can specify each function of your technical building equipment and evaluate automatically the operating data – from the heat circuit all the way to the room automation. At a glance, you have a complete overview of the operational excellence of all components individually and also in combination with other dependent systems. Time consuming and complex analyses of mass data are no longer necessary. Due to different rules you can monitor every individual operational state and so evaluate the data dynamically. By means of adaptable templates you reduce your effort in specifying the automation functions by up to 80%! As a result. a complex ventilation device is specified and analysed in about 1 – 2 hours – a heat circuit less than 15 minutes.

The central Data Platform for Building Owners, Operators and Technicians

Nowadays, plans and data are stored often decentrally in various different systems which makes it difficult to access them easily. The „Digital Test Bench“ is the central Data Platform for any kind of building data. Thanks to its high flexibility and adaptability during the process of data the integration of any type of data is very simple. Consequently, data from different sources can finally be consolidated and processed in one solution. Via interfaces the „Digital Test Bench“ can connect itself safely with your building management system and process the operational data in real time. Alternatively, building communication protocols can be converted, for example via Gateways, in other formats like .xls, .csv or .txt to be processed with the “Digital Test Bench”.
For administration of mass data the „Digital Test Bench“ uses an intelligent database. It signalizes you exactly, for which data points no or only incomplete values are available. Via an intelligent search function you filter exactly these data points, which you want to see. Data point lists can be produced at the push of a button and then be exported.

Monitoring mit dem Digitalen Prüfstand integriert in ein Tablet-Device