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Project Description

Increase of Efficiency and Climate Improvement in context of an Economic-Contracting

Hospitals must comply with especially high requirements to the user’s comfort and hygiene. In order to achive these aims having at the same time energy consumptions as low as possible the optimal functioning of a modern Building Management System plays a decisive role. The high complexity of the Systems is a permanent challenge for operators and even for contractors. An effective and a technical economically Controlling is missing until now.

For the Paulinenkrankenhaus EnBW is operating successfully in the course of an Energy-Economic-Contracting the Building Technology since three years. Nevertheless, the EnBW-Team has put its Systems to the Digital Test Bench for Building Perfornance from synavision – with success. Based on the software-supported Analysis of the measured data synavision could identify sufficient saving potentials, enabling an Amortisation period of about 10 months and without affecting the comfort. Quite the contrary: The Analysis identified also optimisation remarks to the room climate condition.

Project Paulinenkrankenhaus
Location Berlin
  • Identification of significant saving potentials by optimised regulation
  • Identification of malfunction of the humidifier of a RLT-System (Ventilation)
  • Amortisation period of about 10 months
Building equipment CHP-plant, Gas boiler, 8 Heating circuits, 4 RLT-Systems (Ventilation), 1 chiller
Data points 140